Aris Salonika Super 3 Ultras

Aris Salonica Hooligans

Country: Greece

Firm: Super 3

Stadium: Kleanthis Vikelidis

Aris Salonica Badge

Contribution from Manos Kasaris

Aris played Boca Juniors in August 2010 and the teams walked out to a cauldron of noise and colour. Watch the video below.

8,000 Aris Super 3 Ultras at the City of Manchester Stadium for the game against Man City

Aris Super 3 Ultras Pictures

Aris Super 3

Aris Salonica Hooligans

Greek Ultras

The 2010 Greek Cup Final was played between Aris and Panathinaikos at the Olympic Stadium in Athens. Panathinaikos won the match 1-0 but the supporters of Aris were incredible, taking an army of 25,000 to the game.

Greek Hooligans

Aris V Boca Juniors Ultras flares

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