Chelsea Headhunters

Chelsea Hooligans

The Chelsea Headhunters are a notorious football firm from West London who follow Chelsea Football Club. They were portrayed in the film The Football Factory , which culminated in a massive tear up between the Headhunters and Millwall's Bushwackers firm.

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Jason Marriner - Donal MacIntyre

The Chelsea Headhunters were also brought into the public eye back in 1999 when undercover investigator Donal MacIntyre infiltrated the firm and recorded for a television documentary. The documentary provided damning court evidence that led to the conviction of one of there top boys Jason Marriner. He was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for his part in organising football violence against other firms. Donal MacIntyre was placed under police protection for fear of retribution after stitching the headhunters up.

The Headhunters have a long and distinguished past with many incidents spanning decades. However since the introduction of all seater stadiums and better policing at matches, incidents inside stadiums are almost non existent. Below is footage of match of the day back in 1983 when crowd trouble broke out at a game between Chelsea and Leeds Utd at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea v Millwall

In 1995 Chelsea were knocked out of the FA Cup by Millwall at Stamford Bridge where trouble erupted again. The hardcore element of Chelsea's support launched a pitch invasion but were beaten back by riot police on horses. Millwall's players were attacked as they left the pitch including Dave Mitchell a former Chelsea player. Missiles rained down on police before the Headhunters moved outside to continue the mass brawl. Below is a video of the news footage that was reported on GMTV, a breakfast television show aired in Britain. 38 hooligans were arrested at the match.

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