English Hooligans

England has the biggest following of supporters in the world, whether it be the national side who regularly take 100,000 fans to major tournaments or club sides in European competition. England also have a fierce reputation for violence with an unprecedented number of incidents spanning three decades.

England fans at the new Wembley

England Hooligans Euro 96

England fans were well behaved until they got knocked out of the semi finals by Germany. Disgruntled fans roamed central London looking for trouble. Running battles with the police ensued.

England Hooligans Euro 2000

English Football Hooligans ran riot at Euro 2000 which was co-hosted by Belgium and Holland.

During the 1970's and 1980's football hooliganism in England was rife with incidents kicking off up and down the country every weekend. When the hooligans went abroad they left a trail of destruction in there wake.

England fans travel to major tournaments in greater numbers than any other nation

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